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Stay review

Posted : 9 years, 11 months ago on 6 February 2011 10:30 (A review of Stay)

Great ending but the majority of the film falls a bit flat. Wasn't a fan of the camera work but the majority of the film doesn't give us as audience members to feel like we should care about what's going on. Feels as though some scenes are strung together for no real reason. Script isn't brilliant, so you can't blame the actors. It's Ryan Gosling that's the real reason to watch this film. He is quite brilliant. Worth the watch to see the blossoming career of the seriously unappreciated Ryan Gosling.

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The King's Speech review

Posted : 10 years ago on 8 January 2011 10:00 (A review of The King's Speech)

A brilliantly made and incredibly well crafted film with an exemplary performance from the very underrated Colin Firth, whose attention to detail of the torment the real George VI went through is outstanding. You feel very much for the character, which is what you want in a film. Wonderfully directed by Tom Hooper, whose close up shots of the microphone really gives us an idea of just how frightful the king felt at that time of delivering the speeches. Some fine performances from Helena Bonham Carter but I think the credit is with Geoffrey Rush who I deserved far more credit for his wonderful performance and my underdog for this year's oscars.

Highly recommended.

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Rendition review

Posted : 10 years ago on 8 January 2011 09:51 (A review of Rendition)

Isn't particularly a well constructed film and tries to be clever, which knocks of the pace of the film. However, the plot is original and keeps you attentive throughout with some good performances from Witherspoon and Gyllenhaal. Worth a try.

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The Dark Knight review

Posted : 10 years ago on 5 January 2011 08:58 (A review of The Dark Knight)

*Possible spoilers ahead*

After a year and a half long wait, the sequel to the brilliant Batman Begins(2005), is finally here and boy did I enjoy it! It surpasses all my expectations and is FAR SUPERIOR to Begins. A Sequel which is far better and will be remembered for doing so. I you thought Begins was good, you will be plesently suprised. The Dark knight is as great as everyone says it is and more I'm still finding the words to describe even several days after watching it.

Yes, before I started watching the film, I knew Heath Ledger's perfromance would be amazing in the role of the Joker, and I was right. I have to admit that it didn't suprise me one bit. The time that he took to perfect his rol and the perfection in his voice, mannerisms and behaviour is just outstanding. He's created a character that's incredibly menacing and even in a 12A film, scary to watch. I'm sure he'll receive a post homours Oscar nomation, winning it I'm not so sure. It'll be down to whether the Academy can avoid the snobbery that they have over blockbuster films winning at the Oscars. He's character was also very funny and had several one liners, which I did laugh at. I don't think I'll ever forget his performance. It'll always be in my top five of all time.

Christian Bale repises his role as the caped crusader and has obtained a far huskier voice, which was great to hear. Bale is now my favourite Batman and I'm sure others would agree. Even as Bruce Wayne he oozes coolness in every scene he's in. His Batman is far darker than many previously and makes for a great character to watch.Bale also plays he's character tremendouly well and should be given credit for that, Also worth mentioning Aaron Eckhart's tremendous perfromance as two-facem who I didn't think would be good at all. Worth mentioniong Gary Oldman's Lt Gordon, Maggie Glyyenhaal's and Morgan Freeman's perfromance aswell, who all delivered fine performances. I'd really like to see Bale get some sort of credit for his performance, as it really was great.

The Dark Knight's cinematography was absolutly breathtaking to watch. In particular the sublime, opening sequence, which was inspired by Heat-which you can see . The colours, and sequences filmed just added a little realism to the films, giving it that post 9/11 feel. It also adds a little fear to the viewer, for instance in the Mayot's funeral. It drwas upon real events, which is just superb. Talking of superbm that Opening sequence was outstanding to watch. One of my favourite shots was one of the Joker, in the middle of the street, in almost a God like stance. Everything in the scene is quite shocking to watch. The joker and his henchman don't just feel like characters in a film-where you can just write them off. These characters really feel real and the sounds of the guns shots, in this scene only emphathises this. One classic line which I won't forget by the Joker.

I believe what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger..

The screenplay in the Dark Knight has to be one of the finest that I've seen for a summer blockbuster...since..well forever. It is obviously responsible for some great lines in the film. The scenes with the Joker and Batmanl, for instance-The iterrogation scene. I'm sure the screenplay will be up for an Oscar ans it is one of the best parts of the film for me. Loved this line from Alfred..

Some men just want to watch the world burn!

Nolan has now set the bar for Great summer blocckbusters. Everything in the film is FLAWLESS. The running time of nearly 3 hours flew b. His direction is absoulty outstanding. I just hope BAFTA award him with a Best Director nod next year.

The Dark Knight contains some amazing camer shots. For instance, as I mentioned before-that opening shot of the Jokers-WOW. One sequence towards the end, was just sensational to watch. I just hope this is the start of great summer blockbusters to come.

The score by Hans Zimmer is just sensational to hear. Every single piece of music livens up every scene and just get an absoulte buzz, when you watch it. You can;t help but cheers and smile when you hear part of that score. Just mesmerising. I hope it gets awarded at next years Oscars aswell.

I really think the editing is one of the sucess points of the film. The pinning together of some scenes , two or three at some stages really addes tension to the scene and sheer joy for the viewer. This adds to the experience and really makes it one hell of an enoyable experience.

Overall The Dark Knight is an absoulte MASTERPIECE. Filled with sublime acting, cinematorgpahy, excellent editing, screenplay. Expect the Dark Knight to receive several BAFTA noms and some OSCARS noms. I can't tell you how great this film is and how musch I enjoyed it. You must go along and see it for yourself.


Highly recomended


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Chungking Express review

Posted : 10 years ago on 5 January 2011 08:49 (A review of Chungking Express)

Simply amazing! I loved every minute of this film. The whole storyline seemed familar, though, at times. I feel that is because Hollywood has used this type of film structure in many films that I have seen.

I enjoyed the storyline, two lonely cops both connected by a Honk Kong snack bar- just brilliant. Although I have to say the second part of the film was a lot better than the first and was the heart of the film for me.

Once again the cinematography was amazing and I've noticed re-accuring themes such as; love and connections in Wong's films. I'm certainly going to watch more of his films, as I've loved all that i've watched so far.

I wish we saw more original films in Hollywood today and why can't they all be as beautiful like this?

Some brilliant performances from Tony leung and faye Wong, which for me made the film what it is. Again, I'll be watching more og Leung's films as he is becoming one of my favourite actors.

Really, everybody should watch this film. I can't recomend this enough!

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127 Hours review

Posted : 10 years ago on 4 January 2011 08:44 (A review of 127 Hours)

Once again another brilliant film from Danny Boyle that lives up to all of my previous expectations of it. Filled with lush cinematography, a tremendous score from A R Raman(who worked previously with Boyle on Slumdog), wonderfully directed and quite possible a career defining performance from the vastly underrated James Franco.

The attention to detail of the real Aron's experience is quite something. From every flashback to instances of what it going on around him, adds to the uncompromising position that he found him self in. The close up shots of Aron's face, showing the pain that he's going through is not only great to see James Franco's lovely face, but his incredible acting really lets you in to this character's experience. Watch out for the scene in which he cuts his arm off, it's quite something-brilliantly filmed.

Hopefully by the time the 2011 oscar nominations are out, this film is up for several, including Best Actor-which will be well deserved.

Highly recommended!

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Joyeux Noรซl review

Posted : 10 years ago on 31 December 2010 04:17 (A review of Joyeux Noรซl)

An incredibly thought provoking depiction of the WW1 Christmas ceasefire between the Germans, French and the Scottish. The uniting of each of the countries is especially moving and we get to see each solider as an ordinary human being, without the trails and tribulations of war on their mind. Interestingly, the meeting of German and French soldiers on some occasions is at times funny to watch, as both try to understand one another.

One of the highlights of the film is the brilliant soundtrack. We see Opera singer Sprink sing to all soldiers in quite a poignant moment, which leaves all 3 sets of soldiers incredibly touched. What is so great about that, is that this relates to all occasions of war and that's why it feels more real that we are witnessing.The film has all the best European actors from; Daniel Bruhl, Diane Kruger, to Guillaume Canet to Gary Lewis. This just goes to show just how brilliant European filming really can be.

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Brothers review

Posted : 10 years ago on 27 December 2010 08:03 (A review of Brothers)

Incredibly compelling take on the consequences of war and how it affects the family, in particular the relationship between the two brothers. Contains a great performance from Ulrich Thomsen and and the brilliant Connie Nielsen. This is film making at its absolute best, just a shame Bier doesn't do more films-I must check out the rest of her filmography If you enjoyed this check out After The Wedding another great film by Susanne Bier.

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The Killer Inside Me review

Posted : 10 years, 1 month ago on 24 December 2010 07:14 (A review of The Killer Inside Me)

A brilliantly crafted film inside the mind of a killer. A film which has received a lot of criticism over the films violent content, and scenes which were argued to be necessary. I would argue against that. I think the violence in this film is totally needed, without it Lou Ford wouldn't be the character that he was. A brilliant cast with a incredibly performance from the vastly underrated and brilliant Casey Affleck and some great supporting performances from Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba. I also loved the use of music to portray Ford's emotions, which was brilliantly done. Look out for a strong yet brief appearance from Bill Pullman too! This one is well worth the watch!

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Religulous review

Posted : 10 years, 5 months ago on 3 August 2010 07:18 (A review of Religulous)

Bill Maher asks the questions that you've always wanted to know about certain religions. What is brilliant is that you will probably never see a documentary like this because so many are afraid to go and discuss this. I love his honesty and bluntness about what he believes in which at times, leaves some of the people he interviews a little lost for words. Probably best avoid if you're incredibly religious! If not then I HIGHLY recommend this!

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